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UAB Huntsville Women’s Center

The UAB Huntsville Women’s Center at the UAB Health Center Huntsville understands that a woman’s health needs are unique and important. Our compassionate obstetricians and gynecologists are always here for you. As individual women’s needs are different, we are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare for women of all ages in a private, friendly and courteous environment. Our highly trained physicians provide comprehensive care specific to your needs from adolescence through childbearing and menopausal years.

We offer expert, personalized obstetric care for women before, during and after pregnancy. We provide full-service maternity and childbirth services that are structured to fit your individual needs. We offer normal and high-risk obstetric services. In addition, our diagnostic services include on-site ultrasound.

We also offer a broad range of gynecological expertise to meet the needs of women with complex conditions. We provide gynecological services for all common issues as well as incontinence, prolapse and infertility.

Our physicians include:

James Light, MD
Amy Takacs, MD
Rachel Acuff, MD

Appointments can be made by contacting the OB/GYN Department at 256-551-4590.